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Sun Valley Primary School ensures that every learner has every opportunity to grow and develop. As partners to the parent body, we provide a place of safety and care for the children directly after school.


  • is a place of safety for any child who is not fetched within the 15 minutes waiting period after the dismissal of school.
  • is for guardians/parents who need their child/ren to be in a safe and enclosed space from the time that school ends until 18:00 from Monday to Friday.
  • is for guardian/parent/s who have not been able to fetch their child/ren after scheduled sport activities, knowing full well that Homebase closes at 18:00.

Holiday Club

This service is offered three times a year. It is at the conclusion of the first, second and third terms. A variety of care options are available and it ensures that parent/s have peace of mind that their children are kept safe from 07:00 until 18:00 on a daily basis for the duration of the holiday.

After school assistance/consolidation:

This is a service which will be added to our Homebase option as of 2023. Professional teaching staff will be allocated to groups to ensure that learners are able to complete tasks, activities projects or assignments after school. They may want to consolidate or revise a particular skill and/or concept after school at the venue. Learners may desire to accept this option in order to complete work or to revise between the end of a school day and a sports practice event. In this way, they manage their time and work portfolio.

Our Homebase team is managed by an amazing team that is dedicated to ensuring that the children are safe, loved, nurtured and fed during this journey.