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Forward with Excellence as we build a better tomorrow, today!

Our vision for our students at Sun Valley Primary School is one of a confident, creative team-player, who is goal-orientated and radiates the Sun Valley Primary School core values and guiding principles within any culturally diverse learning community. We provide a caring and holistic education responsive to the needs of the individual and the community, embracing diversity, recognising national and global developments.

‘Family’ is of utmost importance to our core values – to be respectful, honourable, compassionate, collaborative, resilient and responsible.

Sun Valley Primary School provides an integrated and co-operative learning environment within the framework of a solid value system.

At our school, a learner is nurtured and encouraged to develop and master relevant skills, concepts, attitudes and values. This will lead to a responsible, caring and self-motivated person capable of contributing to and upholding a society in which all are considered equal.

This will be achieved by:

Developing a positive self-value in each child.

Encouraging and recognising each child’s special gifts and attributes.

Developing self-discipline, independence and responsibility.

Inculcating caring attitudes and actions towards others.

Respecting the individuality and diversity of all.

Cultivating family involvement in school activities.

Attracting, developing and retaining staff of the highest quality.


Sun Valley Primary School, a Home, a school campus that is situated on the slopes of the Silvermine Nature Reserve in the beautiful Fish Hoek Valley, surrounded by the beautiful fragrance of fynbos and sprinkled with the intensely colourful Sunbird. A Home that has been embroidered into a tapestry of the learners who have mattered most and have formed the design on the canvas of a memorable society that resonates well beyond the school’s borders.


Sun Valley Primary School is a caring, co-educational school that builds on a firmly established reputation of excellence spanning over 44 years. Sun Valley Primary provides a unique and vibrant educational experience for learners from Sunbird Pre-Primary, Grade 1 to Grade 7 with a harmonious note across to the Music Academy. It offers a holistic curriculum that includes a wide range of sport and cultural pursuits.

Everyone who has walked our corridors, passages and playground, has left an indelible imprint that is a tangible phenomenon in the annals of history. Our philosophy is value based; respect, good manners, honesty, responsibility, gratitude, integrity, tolerance, humility and self-discipline which form the building blocks of education at Sun Valley Primary School. Our learner’s loyalty to the school unite and inspire them to give more than their best; thus taking great pride in their school. Our learners leave us as resilient, independent, confident and self-aware individuals, and ready to take their place in society. Curiosity shapes some of our guiding principles, but it is innovation which has propelled our school to the cutting-edge of Future Learning.

We edge our way towards our Quinquadragennial Celebration in 2022 – 45 years to acknowledge the occasion to anticipate and make our dreams come true while seeing it as a sign of power and accomplishment. To mark the 45th anniversary colours as an embellishment of Sun Valley Primary School – both red and sapphire blue as a symbol of good health, joy, prosperity, inner peace and beauty. It is also a deliberate attempt to reflect on the substance and character of our history and contemplate how we would like our future story to unfold. Join us in celebration as the future pages of the next chapters are written.