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Our modern school uniform

In keeping with our policy of being an innovative and proactive school, Sun Valley Primary learners wear a “variform”. The introduction of Variform was all about bridging the gap between maintaining our school’s visual image and the learners’ comfort. The development and implementation of Variform heralded in a new era of school clothing for the learners at our school.

Formal Variform

Everyday and Sports Uniform

Variform Rules

  • Every item must be marked.
  • Items found will be handed in at reception.
  • Named items will be returned to the classes
  • Items without a name are sold at our second-hand clothing store.
  • Your Variform must be purchased from the SVPS Boutique.

Sports Matches

Tennis, Netball, Soccer and Cross County: White shorts, red sports shirt, white socks and white takkies
Hockey: White shorts, red sports shirt, hockey socks and hockey boots
Cricket: White shorts, white school shirt, hockey socks and white takkies
Swimming: Navy and red SVPS costume, white cap

Jewellery Policy

Boys: No earrings, body studs, bangles, bracelets, necklaces, ankle bracelets or tattoos may be worn.
Girls: One single pair, non-decorative stud in gold or silver is permitted. No bangles, bracelets, ankle bracelets, necklaces or tattoos may be worn.

Hair Policy

Boys: Hair should be clean, lengthy hair must be pinned away from the pace (bun, alice band, pony tale) is acceptable.
Girls: Hair should be clean and neatly styled. Long Hair must be tied up in white, red or navy hair accessories. Hair that hangs in their eyes must be tied back with white, red or navy clips or an alice band. Colouring of hair is prohibited.