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We are raising our children during a time of great challenge. It is crucial that we ensure that they are safe. Sun Valley Primary School is a safe haven while learning. We are constantly reviewing and evaluating all necessary safety policies and structures.

Our learners are under supervision from their time of arrival which ranges from 07:00 until 18:00 to cater for the different needs of each child. There are structures in place that prevents outside influences from harming our children. We employ a security guard who patrols the perimeter during the time that they are on the premises. They are also made aware of some real life challenges by exposing them to regular Evacuation Drills to ensure that they are able to respond appropriately to a crisis should it occur.

There are structures in place that prevent outside influences from harming our children. Our safety policy is inclusive of all role players – staff, outside coaches and even our visiting parents.


First Aid:

  • Injury takes place
  • REMAIN CALM – Do not get caught up in the excitement of the event.
  • Keep the crowd back.
  • Facilitator or GAP (or in the worst case scenario – a child is unable to locate an adult and is compelled to use his/her initiative) takes the injured child to the Children’s Administrator (GC). In the case where the child is unable to move, the Facilitator, GAP, or child will walk to the office to inform the Children’s Administrator (GC).
  • The Children’s Administrator (GC) is the ONLY person who notifies Courtney Smolders of the injury. Please do not contact her directly.
  • Courtney will arrive at the reception or the scene of the incident if the child is unable to move.
  • Courtney Smolders will make the decision to determine whether this is a simple bump/bruise OR whether it is necessary to inform CMR.
  • Teacher is to remain focused on the rest of the children in their class – they remain first priority.


Staff lists, staff changes and student changes on class lists are kept up to date – weekly.

Co-ordinators: GC to coordinate basket for evacuation.

  • Children’s Administrator (GC) to transport the basket to the pool area – muster point
  • Janet Pienaar – Music Academy
  • Monique Fletcher – Grade R – 3
  • Debbie Fortune – Grade 4 – 7 and Arts and Culture
  • Vandra Norris – Staff and GAPS
  • Tammy Schuman – Facilitators
  • Keith Simon – Sport Staff and Birdies
  • Rowena Solomons – Administration and Finance
  • Cailynn Delport – Visitors and Room-Parents
  • Bernie Delcarme – Estate Staff
  • Chelsea Harvey – Sunbird and Aftercare
  • Melodie Hertslet – Digital Learning


  • Principal and Admin Staff set off the sirens or bell
  • Children’s Administrator (GC) takes basket to pool area.
  • Grade Heads ring the hand-held bells to indicate that the drill is being executed.
  • Everyone evacuates immediately and reports to the pool line up area.
  • All teachers to meet up with their register class even if it is Interchange.
  • After everyone is out of the building, the Estate Team and Fire Marshall will secure the school.
  • The Fire Marshall will announce that the Fire Drill is officially complete.
  • Students return to class in an orderly fashion.


  • In the case of a Fire Drill, ensure WINDOWS and DOORS are closed to ensure that the fire is contained in one area of the school.
  • In the case of a Bomb Drill, ensure WINDOWS and DOORS are open to minimise debris and damage.
  • Students must be placed in MIXED ALPHA-ORDER immediately (All students should know this order “off-by-heart”).
  • Behind the door in each venue, there is an evacuation plan diagram which indicates which path should be followed to move to the Pool line up area.
  • If the adult is a Grade Head, or the adult in charge is in a Grade Head’s class, ring the brass hand bell to alert near-by venues to the Fire Drill.
  • Once the pool area is reached, students should line up in their Alpha Order.
  • Class lists will be handed out to the Grade Heads, and subsequently to the teachers/adult in charge.
  • Teachers should tick off that each child is PRESENT or ABSENT.
  • This information MUST be fed back to the Co-ordinators who will inform the Fire Marshall.
  • At this stage, the Fire Marshall will either end the drill, or send out Estate Staff to locate unaccounted-for persons.