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The following services are co-ordinated by the Head of Learning Support of the Intervention Team:

Small Group Tuition (SGT) and SBST

Teachers identify learners who require Small Group Tuition. The SGT room is where they will receive intensive intervention. The class educator raises concerned cases at the SBST meeting once a quarter.

Inclusion Status (Academic)

Inclusion status is awarded by the SBST. This allows a learner to remain in his/her chronological grouping despite the lack of mastery of the benchmarks. Inclusion status is removed once the learner achieves the Assessment Standards, or if the child repeats a year and achieves competency. Learners with this status may require assistance during formal assessments once they are granted the necessary concession from the WCED. Because of this status, the request for an accommodation may include a scribe or reader or both in order to demonstrate their true potential.

Inclusion Status (Physical)

Learners with physical disabilities and who require specialised assistance within the mainstream are awarded Inclusion Status (Physical). Wheelchair access, hearing aids, or visual support may be required. These learners are able to manage the academic demands, but need physical assistance.

Inclusion Status (Special Needs)

This Status is awarded to learners whose parents want them to be in a Mainstream School, but need special care.


Parents fund a facilitator to assist the learner so that they are able to cope in a mainstream school environment.

School Based Support (SBST)

Class teacher, Grade Head, Curriculum Head and Head of learning Support of Interventions meet as a team to give advice and make recommendations. All Permission documents are granted by parents who are informed of the process, recommendations and outcomes. Confidentiality is key.

Intervention at Every Stage: Pre-School—Grade 7

Intervention is an essential part of ensuring a high level of learning for all learners. At the end of each term, SMT will draw the necessary data on learner achievement. All departments work together to achieve high levels of learning for all learners by high performing teams. Working as a team ensures that we are able to track the performance of the school as a whole. Remediation Specialists are utilised to aid the progress for learners who need assistance to reach competency levels. Qualified educators facilitate learners who experience challenges due to language barriers as well.

As a learning organisation, it expects:

  • 10-20% of the students to fall into the need for Targeted Intervention.
  • 5-10% of students to fall into the category Intensive Intervention

The difference between Targeted and Intensive Intervention is the level of intensity of the intervention applied.