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Extended Learning Opportunities

Learning does not end when the school bell rings and when the leaners exit the classroom. There are many ways to facilitate learning. Indeed, inquiry-based and active learning assisted by competent facilitators afford the learners the opportunity to identify and research issues. Learning is fortified and addressed in new and unique ways in the hours after school. Hence, we strengthen the support of our learners’s academic growth and will ensure that our school fulfils its vision to be amongst the leaders of the global marketplace.

ELO is essential in helping to develop learning, and to establish supporting and effective programmes and activities outside the school curriculum.

There is growing recognition that to remain competitive in the global marketplace, we must dramatically broaden our learner’s academic skills and knowledge as well as the social and emotional capacity to use their abilities with competence and compassion. Our economic secruity, national security, and overall success as a democracy depend on our ability to educate our learners in ways that connect school learning to real-world experiences.

21st Century Learning required that we provide a real-world context to learning and leading-edge learning opportunities in after scchool hours.

Sun Valley Primary School has forged strong, dynamic and vibrant partnerships between schools and community agencies/companies to make learning relevant for our learners. These partnerships are playing a critical role in preparing our learners for the senior school experience, the workforce, college, careers and success in life. The strong partnership provides learners with high quality and engaging programming in a cost-effective way.

Of equal importance, the 21st Century Learning initiative has led to greater collaboration between schools and community organisations, putting SVPS at the forefront of many improvement efforts. These learning opportunities have required extensive collaboration and co-ordination between educators and community organisations.

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