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The Art Room at Sun Valley Primary School is a big airy room designed to accommodate 40 learners at desks that can be used flat, or tipped up and used as an easel. Each class attends art for an intensive and immersive hour every week.

During the year, the learners cover as many different media and techniques as possible. 3-D techniques are also learnt.

We have a kiln in the Art Room and we aim to have each grade complete a ceramic project during the year. It is a wonderfully therapeutic activity and even the most lively children become quite calm while working with clay. During classes music is played when appropriate, either to create an atmosphere around the theme or to encourage calmness and creativity. The children are taught not to fear art, but to trust their instincts and to be confident in their approach. This way we hope that each child explores their creative side and all complete something that they can feel proud of.

During creative expression sessions, children are given the time and opportunity to use their minds and imagination to create something that represents themselves. In the art room, we use countless ways to express ourselves, and the world around us, in a creative and mindful way.

Activities include anything from sculpting, constructing, painting, drawing, etching and photography, to animation, poetry, movement and drama. Anel Everts leads the Creative Expression and Art initiative.

Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 1 learners explore the concept of near and far.

Grade 2 learners explore music in an art form.

Grade 3 learners create zany fish inspired by Dr Zeuss.

Grade 4 learners work on silhouettes and observational drawings of super heroes.

Grade 5

Grade 6

Grade 7

Grade 5 learners explore composition, positive and negative space and combined organic with geometric shapes.

Grade 6 learners pretend that they are super successful graphic designers.

Grade 7 learners work in pairs to create a ‘coat of arms’ that represent both of them.