Grade R

In Grade R, we have 4 classes of 20-25 children. The teachers use story books to lead their themes and these books marry with the content taught in class. Please see the Grade R themes listed per term below.


  • Chelsea Harvey (Grade Head)
  • Stella Dunn
  • Caitlyn de Lange
  • Tristen Ric-Hansen


  • Term 1: Inquisitive Me
  • Term 2: All Creatures Great And Small
  • Term 3: The World Around Us
  • Term 4: Realistic vs Make Believe

Grade 1

Blast off to Big School

In Grade One, our big theme is blast off to big school. This is covered over the duration of the year in terms of all about me, my family, and keeping safe. We learn about plants around us, as well as water and water safety.


  • Candice Stredder (Grade Head)
  • Caitlin Spreeth
  • Courtney Smolders
  • Cailin Howell
  • Jessica Houliston


  • Term 1: All About Me & Julia Donaldson
  • Term 2: My Family and People Who Help Us & Winnie the Pooh
  • Term 3: Trees and Plants & Dr Seuss: The Lorax
  • Term 4: Water and Water Safety & Dr Seuss: The Grinch

Grade 2

Above and Below

In Grade Two, we explore our environment and what it has to offer us, both above and below the surface. We investigate our impact on land and ocean alike and learn how we can make a difference.


  • Samantha Morse (Grade Head)
  • Taylor Steward
  • Chelsea Howell
  • Camryn Gouveia


  • Term 1: My Country
  • Term 2: Grow with Me
  • Term 3: Seasons
  • Term 4: Under the Sea

Grade 3

Before and Beyond

Our big theme in Grade Three is Before and Beyond. We start off by going back many years in time to explore the land of the dinosaurs and subsequently fast forwarding through history by studying the amazing inventors and explorers who contributed to 21st century life as we know it. In Term 4, we venture into the beyond by studying space and the planets, stars and galaxies that make up our universe.


  • Bianca Burridge (Grade Head)
  • Paige Altern
  • Megan Shankar
  • Bronwyn De Jager


  • Term 1: Dinosaurs
  • Term 2: Explorers of the World
  • Term 3: Natural Disasters
  • Term 4: Beyond the Earth – Space