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Academy – Outdoor Educational Experiences – Field Trips and Camps 

To know the benefits of Outdoor Education Trips is far more important than knowing the Where? or When? These question are answered as we continue this Educational journey together. 

The benefits of taking our learners on a trip embraces the following fundamental principles: 

It encompasses and galvanises the curriculum which is synonymous with Sun Valley Primary School – Understanding by Design. Each trips is embedded into this carefully crafted learning pathway. The curriculum provides resources that keeps the educator introducing their learners to real-life and soft skills. The experiences are invigorating and leaves a life-long impact on the learners/participants and keeps them inspired to learn. There is essential planning and preparation that precedes any trip. The UBD enhances Critical Thinking skills in a rapidly evolving world in almost every domain of their life. It presents them with opportunities to learn problem-solving skills and effective communication via this effectual and functional learning tool. When the learning process is shifted to a real-life situation, it results in better cognition. It reinforces the curriculum so that our learners develop a better understanding of what they have learned theoretically. Moreover, it helps them develop an interest in further studies. 

Trips/Camps give every learner a chance to develop a healthy bond with their educator and see them in a different environment – an informal learning and practical learning experience. Theses tripe gives everyone the chance to make lifelong memories to cherish for the rest of our lives. In addition, spending some time with our classmates and enjoying exploring new situations helps a learner to develop a close bond with their classmates. 

School trips are a great way to concretise meaningful and relevant learning experiences coupled with an abundance of fun and loads of entertainment activities; thus making the most of academic life. 

 SVPS has embedded an Outreach Community/Service Project as well so that it shares learning experiences, well-being and opportunities with other organisations and institutions as part of its participatory journey. 

Ultimately, job opportunities that we see now didn’t exist ten years back. Likewise, there will be new dimensions of working opportunities ten years later, and it is important to prepare our learners to meet future challenges by presenting them with current realities and the ability to project into the imaginative future life by igniting thought and career pathways. 

Each grade considers trips within its learning base and theme, and as things have evolved, the trips have been adapted to suit the relevance of the appropriate times. Explore the curriculum of each grade and phase to determine its content, but the following is a guide to the type of trips offered within the pathway of learning. Every trip is subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances and the School Management reserves the right to make changes when necessary. 


Grade R

  • MiniMo Shows: Reptile Show  
  • The Incredible Dog Show
  • Boulders Beach
  • Kalk Bay Harbour

Grade 1

  • Planetarium
  • CMR
  • Fire and Rescue  
  • Kirstenbosch Gardens
  • NSRI Station 10
  • Community Outreach: Volunteer Wildfire Service

Grade 2

  • Nature Connect
  • Intaka Island
  • Two Oceans Aquarium

Grade 3

  • Jurassic Adventures SA
  • Spark Creativity
  • Iziko Planetarium
  • Cape Town Science Centre
  • Community Outreach: iThemba

Grade 4

  • Fish Hoek Beach – Days of Yore
  • Fish Hoek Valley Museum: History of Fish Hoek
  • Steve Venom: Snake Show
  • Simonstown Museum Field Trip
  • Grade 4 Fun Day
  • Community Outreach: Simon’s Love Project

Grade 5

  • Rhythm Workshop
  • Simonsberg Camp – Stellenbosch
  • Iziko Mobile Museum
  • Community Outreach: Victory Kids Pre-School

Grade 6

  • Camp
  • MTN Science Centre
  • DogzCool Dog Show
  • Christian Barnard Museum
  • Life Skills Braai
  • Community Outreach: Woof Project & Oscars Arc

Grade 7

  • TBC