Outstanding academic outcomes stamps the authenticity of a Sun Valley Primary education. Academic assessments do not define success, but it explores beyond conventional activities and opportunities, ensuring that every learner develops passion and new possibilities. These experiences are embedded into a curriculum that builds skills, concept, attitudes and values that enriches discipline and character that supports future life. With this purpose, we wish to project academic pre-imminence into a school of Science, Technology, Robotics, Arts and Mathematics and inclusive of its amazing Sport programme as evidence of its commitment to STREAM.

We recognise that the quality of teaching and the importance of developing the whole learner by presenting opportunities to learn through our extensive enrichment and super-curricular programmes designed to identify and celebrate the skills and aspirations of each individual.

Ultimately, our schools is a place where friendships flourish while embracing an astonishing range of opportunities beyond the classroom; like music, art, drama, sport and debating. Learners are also determined to provide a service through a programme of community engagement rooted in close relationships with neighbouring schools, charities and other organisations.

Learners who are educated at SVPS will leave school as confident, articulate, independent young people who are able to navigate a competitive, global, technology-driven world successfully, but who also have the qualities to make a positive difference through the lives that they live; have the ability to form meaningful relationships, display good judgment, demonstrate courage, grit and integrity, be emotionally resilient and to have a deep sense of respect for themselves and others.



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